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Seductive Wonderments by The-Zen-Warrior Seductive Wonderments by The-Zen-Warrior
Well, thank gosh this is done, it's over, I'm finished, yeee-haaa! This by far out of all my submissions has to be the one that had to be the biggest pain in the butt to do. This creation started last night, after a friend of mine popped in for a visit. My friend Ken has always been a power house in the world of customizations. He stopped by to drop off a old program for him, but a brand new one for me, he gave me his copy of a program called Winstep! We went about installing it and switching the registration around to me and presto the program was mine. Ken made it all look cool at first, but when it was my turn, what a pain in the ass! I tired to figure it all out, but I gave up the ghost late into the night. I picked things back up today, when I was much fresher. Now that I have a fair understanding of the program, Winstep doesn't appear to be all that bad at all. For this screenshot I tried to incorporate all my customizing arsenal, all of my tools were used. I wanted to see if I could blend them all, as to give me a rough draft to the future. I am pleasantly surprised with the final outcome, I think it's "A-OK"!

Alright, my engine is warmed up, let me try to blast through what went into this.........

Rainmeter 1.4 Beta (Freeware) (Configs - Enigma Mini World Time + Sunrise + Location And AphexPlayer For WinAmp)
Window Blinds 6.0 (Only Used To Assist Windows With Window Color)
Cursor FX (Freeware) (Cursor Name : Prowler)
Winstep 10.6 (Theme Package : K-TEK-4D)
Rocket Dock (Freeware) (Dock Name : Clear Vista Glass Black)
Rocket Dock (Freeware) (Icons From The HydroPro Pack)
Yahoo Widgets (Freeware) (Picture Frame + Calendar Bar)
Object Dock (Freeware) (Dock Name : Revolver Black)
Object Dock (Freeware) (Standard Office 2007 Icons + Settings + Start Menu)
Icon Tweaker (Freeware) (Industrial Dark)
WinAmp 5.6 (Freeware) (Skin Name : Azenis 2)

Well that was a mouth full, again after getting a lose grasp on that Winstep program, only after was this fun to do. I hope you all like it!

And as I sometimes like to do, and that is offer up the wallpaper to most of my creations. If your interested you can grab it off my ImageShack account, here is the link.


"Thank you for your time here folks"!
9ersunion Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
nice work Zen any chance for a link for the cpu / ram skins ?
artnutsince2 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011
That's impressive i like it. I dont even use any of these programs but i still wonder does it cause problems for Windows 7? I remember in the old days of XP it was a huge memory leak problem. Is it very stable now? Windowsblind and objectdock? I wish there was a free version somewhere cuz i dont like paying software cuz i dont wanna be ripped off if it causes problems. I'm impressed with your work dude.
The-Zen-Warrior Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011
All of the programs I use for Windows customizations shouldn't give Windows 7 any problems. Now a days these programs have been scaled back from what they used to be, in order to be more attractive to users. As far as these programs using up to much of my computers memory, that really isn't a problem at all. The most my CPU chums out while using these programs all at once is like 2% to maybe 10% at times, that is it. While all the programs running at once only utilize approx. 10% to 15% of system RAM, at any given time. Some of the various programs I use are free! You mentioned Object Dock, you want it, you got it and oh yeah, did I mention this is the free version!


If you don't like Object Dock, but still would like to place a dock on your screen, than by all means why not give Rocket Dock a good look. I use it as well as Object Dock, sometime I run them both at the same time. Here is where to go for Rocket Dock....


I'm sorry I can not throw out a link to any free versions of Window Blinds, that is a program you have to pay for to use. But maybe do as I did, I found my legal copy of Window Blinds being sold by a guy on Craigs List. It was an older copy, but it had never been used, just sitting on a shelf for years collecting dust. You could always see about buying a unused older copy for dirt cheap!

And in regards to you remembering the days of Windows XP, just be aware that XP is my operating system of choice, it's what I prefer and is the only O.S. I will use. So far with my copy of Windows XP Professional (64bit), I haven't noticed any "memory leak" problems at all. Maybe you were running XP before the big service pack 3 release, but everything after service pack 3 I've noticed has been gravy!

Thanks for being impressed by this work, heck I only have two other works that I feel are better than this one. 1st one is titled "Elegant Temptation" and the next is titled "Illumination", might want to go into my area and look those up, way better stuff than what you saw here!

Take good care and thanks for chiming in............
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