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An American Classic by The-Zen-Warrior An American Classic by The-Zen-Warrior
Well it looks like I'm at it again! But today I decided to throw in a new twist into my desktop creations, I decided on going with a black and white wallpaper, my first ever. I've had this wallpaper laying around on my hard drive for quite some time, and today I decided to see what I could do with it. The wallpaper is that of none other than an American classic Marylin Monroe!

I also opted out of using any type of background image on my two docks, I decided on leaving the icon's free floating, as to help open up the wallpaper some more. Also I tried going with a Winstep theme that offered a lot of transparency, I didn't want to many solids blocking out portions of the wallpaper.

I hope everyone out there likes this one, I'm rather pleased with it's out come.

What went into this one........

Window Blinds 6.0 (Blind Name : Black Vista Version 3)
Winstep 10.6 (Theme Package Name : Aero Low Res)
Rocket Dock (Freeware) (Dock Name : N/A)
Rocket Dock (Freeware) (Icon Package : Albook Extended 811)
Object Dock (Freeware) (Dock Name : N/A)
Object Dock Freeware) (Icon Package : Albook Extended 811)
Rainmeter 1.4 Beta (Freeware) (Enigma World Clocks)
Cursor FX (Freeware) (Cursor Name : Eye Of The Damned)
Icon Tweaker (Freeware) (Icon Package : Blue Sky)
WinAmp 5.6 (Freeware) (Skin Name : ItemSkin)

Also I opted out of using some of my classically used items such as some Yahoo Widgets, I just wanted to keep the shot as clean and as spacious as I could.

And as I sometimes like to do, and that is offer up the wallpaper to my screenshots. So if anyone is interested, you can grab it from my personal ImageShack account at the following link.


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January 22, 2011
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